Help us educate the construction industry on sustainable net zero practices.

Dr. Nicola Kimm

Chief Sustainability Officer,
Heidelberg Materials

Stacy Smedley

Executive Director, Building Transparency

Dr. Nora Baum

CFO, Sonocrete


Sarah De Carufel

Senior Product Owner, Giatec


Aku Wilenius

CEO and Co-Founder, Caidio

Shane Mulligan

Sustainability and Technical Marketing Manager, Heidelberg Materials


Matthew Lemay

Codes and Sustainability Programs Manager, NRMCA

Dr. Anil Sawhney

Director of the Infrastructure Sector, RICS

Arturo Gaytan Covarrubias

Innovation and Sustainability Manager, CEMEX México

Eleanor Horowitz

Head of Marketing, Gravity Climate


Jean-Philippe Boucher

Product Manager, MARCOTTE

Alex Leblond

Executive VP, MARCOTTE

Craig Yeack

President and Co-Founder, BCMI Corp

Hessam Azari Jafari

Deputy Director, MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub

Julie Buffenbarger

Senior Scientist & Sustainability Principal, Beton Consulting Engineers

Eric Giannini

Director of Product Standards and Technology, PCA

Pouria Ghods

Pouria Ghods

CEO and Co-Founder, Giatec Scientific Inc

Dr. Aali Alizadeh Headshot

Dr. Aali Alizadeh

Co-Founder, President, and CTO, Giatec Scientific Inc




Below is a recap of the 2023 conference..

10:00 AM

OPENING REMARKS   |  Aali  Alizadeh

10:05 AM

Decarbonising Heavy Building Materials   |   Dr. Nicola Kimm

10:30 AM

Reducing carbon in precast concrete with power ultrasound – a case study with Deutsche Bahn  |   Dr. Nora Baum

10:55 AM

Accelerating along the path to carbon neutral concrete   |   Shane Mulligan

11:30 AM

Data, Schemas, and Knowledge for Decarbonizing the Built Environment Sector   |   Dr. Anil Sawhney

12:05 PM

Building for a Green Future   |   Panel

01:20 PM

Networking & Expo

01:50 PM

Unlocking Sustainable and High-Quality Concrete Production through Data-Driven Techniques   |  
Aku Wilenius

02:20 PM

The Green Impact of AI in the Concrete Production   |   Alex Leblond and Jean-Philippe Boucher

02:40 PM

Responsible Sourcing and the Concrete Sustainability Council Certification   |  Matthew Lemay

03:15 PM

Race to Net Zero Carbon Concrete in Mexico   |   Arturo Gaytan Covarrubias

03:45 PM

Concrete Technologies and Their Impacts on Sustainability   |  Sarah De Carufel

04:30 PM

Enabling Low Carbon Procurement & Industrial Decarbonization of the Built Environment   |  
Stacy Smedley

05:00 PM

Generating Value from Carbon Management   |  Eleanor Horowitz

05:23 PM

Closing remarks   |  Aali Alizadeh

05:25 PM


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Dr. Aali Alizadeh

Co-Founder, President and CTO
Giatec Scientific Inc

Dr. Alizadeh has over 15 years of experience in the development and commercialization of technologies related to concrete materials. He brings unique expertise on the durability of concrete at the nano-level, particularly when it relates to infrastructure exposed to harsh environmental conditions. Prior to co-founding Giatec in 2010, Dr. Alizadeh co-established Construction Materials Institute at the University of Tehran, which strives to provide knowledge-based services and ecient technologies to the construction industry as well as to equip engineers of the future with superior skills and expertise in concrete durability, performance, and various technologies.

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